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Молодёжные события в городе

​Pskov Youth Club Activity Plan 2014-2015

Festive Christmas Performance « Bethlehem Star Light» - January 8

Career Guidance Consultancy

Local history trips - January - April

“Satiated Student” Cooking contest among students teams dedicated to Students Day January 23

Weekly free creativity master classes confined to IV Easter Youth Festival- February-April

Master class dedicated to «Defender of the Motherland Day»: cards making. For “Mechta” social club children. February

Recreative Sports Events “Snow Fun” in Finnish park: Ski, snowboarding, sledge competitions - February

Orthodox Youth Day Events.- February 13 - 15

Youth Recreative Sports Event at Ice Palace


Maslenitsa Festive events for children of social institutions -February

Round table presentations of youth projects on “Youth Events in Pskov” (participants – NGOs, individual initiators, government agencies, etc.) February

Master class dedicated to International Womens Day, cards making. For “Mechta” social club children.

(25, O.Koshevogo St.) - March

“Health Week” Sports Events Complex «Неделя здоровья» (Welcome Days will be held in Pskov fitness and sports clubs, Team competitions every day) March 23 -27

Annual Research and training conference "My native land during the Great Patriotic war”as part of festivities dedicated to the 70th Victory anniversary. March

Monthly master classes «I want to impart my skill” April

Dancing Hip Hop Festival “ Bez_Predel- 2015” April

Job Fair.- April-October

KVN at “Mechta” Children’s social Club - April

Complex Interactive Game for Young Pskov Journalists April

V Easter Youth Festival.

Easter master classes

Photo Exhibition, Easter Performance

Literary Evening

Charitable Fair February - April

Opening the Youth Cycling and Extreme Sports SeasonApril

Preparations for the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory- May

«Nightingale Night» folk festival, youth section (in cooperation with Cultural Department of the Pskov City Administration) May 22-24

Historical Event in memory of Pskov Prince Dovmont Timothy

May 31

Hanseatic movement promotion events: Hanse Day, Hanseatic Quarter, School of Hanseatic volunteers, Participation in International and Russian Hanseatic Festivals May - June

International Children’s Day events at Mashinostroitel stadium, Festival in interactive sites format. June 1

Visit to Viljandi, staff and volunteers taking part in The International Hanseatic Festival (under Hanseatic movement promotion plan) June 4-7

II Parkour festival as part of Youth Day celebrations in Pskov – June 27

“Ohm’s Law” Youth Rock Festival July

Visit to Torzhok, staff and volunteers taking part in The Russian Hanseatic Festival (under Hanseatic movement promotion plan) July 5-7

Fourth Tourist Forum for talented Youth, Island of Belov..- July

Volunteer expedition of support to Sviato Vvedensky convent, village Vladimirets, Ostrovsky district. 9-29 July.

"Water Battle", sports and recreation event - August

Scouts March - August

Youth Club’s Birthday. Interactive event.

- September 11

"What? Where? When?" Quiz at “Mechta” social club for children. September

Day of Health and Beauty at “Mechta” social club for children. September

Sports and tourist event «Fresher’s Hiking-2015» - October

«Successful Applicant» master class - October

Hanseatic movement promotion event: Hanseatic volunteers visiting school in cooperation with active functionaries of Pskov University (School of Students’ Functionaries) October

V City”Chernilnitsa” Contest of Young poets, writers and reciters, dedicated to A.A.Blok- October

Career Guidance class for school leavers "Professionals of the Future" - November

6th Film Festivalь «Kinomania-2015» November 20

“Flowers of Russia to Mothers” event, Master classes as part of Mothers’ Day celebration.- November

«Voice of Pskov» vocal contest December 3/4

New Year events for social institutions and Club’s branches. December

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