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​TRAVEL TIME | Оff-line

Most those reading this post are interested in travelling. Many think of going abroad, to a neighboring place or out of town for a couple of hours. You must admit that solving this problem sitting at your computer or at an in-person meeting is different. Please, consider your taking part the first step towards a big trip.

How can I make the first stepFery simple – read aloud: “I am getting registered for the event: http://vk.cc/3xyLUF
 , I will go to the Youth Club on March 22 (beginning exactly at 6 p.m.), I will listen to everything very attentively, come home, scan lowcosts / have a foreign passport made / go to the woods with a tent (choose the most suitable option) – I am going travelling – I am happy. What useful info can I get

The meeting has several parts – “talk” and “application”. The “talk” will be real stories about travelling, we will destroy myths about… about amny things… More at the meeting 

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