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Молодёжные события в городе

​Schedule of Orthodox Local History trips for 2015

This year the Youth Club continues to delight you with monthly Orthodox Lucal History trips to:

Velikiye Luki (150th birthday anniversary of our famous countryman – His Holiness Patriarch Tikhon) on January 31.

Dno and Dedovichy (90 years of getting the status of town) on March 28.

Nevel and Novosokolniky (90 years of getting the status of town) April 25

Pustoshka and Sebezh on May 30

Yeliazarovo, Krypetsy (410th birthday anniversary of A.L. Ordyn – Nashchokin and 365th birthday anniversary of Starets Filofey).

Walking tour of Pskov on July 25.

Scouts camp on August 29

Terebeny (270th birthday anniversary of M.I.Kutuzov)

Izborsk (90th birthday anniversary of of P.P.Ossovsky)

Novorzhev, Bezhanitsy, Loknya on November 28

To enroll on a tour come to the Youth Club (15 Gorkogo St.) Tel +7 911-351-1501

The trips are for pskovites under 35 years of age.

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